High school senior Ashley St. Helens
has suddenly found herself living a fairy tale life....
Which is not as much fun as it sounds.
Until... the other shoe drops.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Re-hashing My Story to Death

Ashley St. Helens Prince

February 1, 2011

Dear Kristen and Michael,
I was an English Major and love to write, and I certainly have had some experience re-hashing my story to death, so I do feel comfortable writing, and I’d like to do it right for once and for all. I may need to break it into chapters —it’s long—but I know that, with a musical, you also need to break a story into scenes and acts.
I want you to know how excited I am getting about this!
Professor March used to say in her classes that by writing our stories we weave the threads of events together and discover the greater meaning in our lives. She says it’s how we create our own personal mythology. I had a little help with this from whatever powers design the events of our existence, but there are still some aspects to it that are a mystery to me.
I will start typing tonight. Hopefully you’ll hear from me within the next month or two. Thank you again for your support. I hope I will not disappoint!
Ashley St. Helens Prince


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