High school senior Ashley St. Helens
has suddenly found herself living a fairy tale life....
Which is not as much fun as it sounds.
Until... the other shoe drops.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Roll Credits

The Souls of Her Feet interactive BLOOK was brought to you by:

Kristen Caven

in collaboration with both the real and the fictional

Michael O'Dell

and the following artists:

Frontspiece photo (artified):
Gyorgy Vass

Demos for "Big Bitch," "Ashley's Blues," and "If The Shoe Fits"
Jenn Graham as Ashley (sung) and Brian Yates Sharber as Harry. 
(Spoken parts & photo of Brian's feet by Kristen Caven)

"When You Try to Clean With Dran-o"
Kristen Caven using Autotune*

"It's A Waltz"
The robots at XtraNormal*

New York stage reading cast:
Narrator.....Jen Ponton
Ashley.....Juliana Marx
Donna.....Dina Plotch
Debra.....Cassandra Bodzak
Sylvia.....Susan Neuffer
Harry.....Keith Levy (a.k.a. Sherry Vine)
Jeff.....Blake McCorvey
Coach.....Robert Kalman
Heckler.....Roger Wingfield

Chorus (Understudies):
Kerri Ford (Ashley), Jen Ponton (Ashley), Giancarla Boyle (Donna), Joanna Schubert (Debra), Alex Beck (Jeff), Roger Wingfield (Coach) JenMarie Pierce, Kris Doubles

“Midnight Mouse”

Piano.....Michael O’Dell, Jess Stewart
Bass.....Brian Holtz
Drums.....Rossen Nedelchev

See more about who these fine and awesome actors are on the blog.

*All other music everywhere by Michael O'Dell, of course.


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